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Roof damage is rarely noticeable unless closely inspected by a professional and generally hard to see from ground level by anyone. Roof damage is usually discovered only after it becomes a major problem. Your roof protects your most valuable asset; your Home. Routine professional inspections of your roof are necessary for immediate detection of hail and wind damages. Instead of grabbing the ladder and climbing up on the roof on your own, allow one of our highly skilled team of Texas roofers to inspect your roof for you. The professionals at Hail Damage Roofing will negotiate with your insurance company to verify that the damages to your roof have been fairly evaluated and accurately reported. This will result in the highest settlement for your new roof.


Hail Damage Roofing is a family owned business that makes the homeowner the priority and always has your best intentions in mind. We never sacrifice quality and always use the best materials within the settlement you receive. At HDR, we make sure each and every family we have the privilege of representing receives our utmost attention. Our experienced team will guide you through every step of the process making you feel completely at ease and never alone.

Our family of roofing professionals have over three generations of experience and are experts in roof design, installation and repair. With every roof job from Hail Damage Roofing comes a warranty that is hard to beat. You can rest easy that we will meet your needs and exceed your expectations in a fast and cost effective manner.